Rosebank to Release Final Bottle of Legacy Series: A 32-Year-Old Whisky

Rosebank Distillery has long been a revered name in the world of Scotch whisky, known for its distinguished expressions that epitomise the essence of the Lowlands. 

As a final ode to its celebrated Legacy Series, the distillery has unveiled the remarkable Rosebank 32-Year-Old whisky, marking the culmination of a global journey through exceptional releases.

It follows the news that they will be ready to accept visitors at the Rosebank Distillery Visitor Centre when it reopens in June.

rosebank 32-year-old release

Embodying Excellence

Malcolm Rennie, Distillery Manager, expressed pride in Rosebank’s latest creation, hailing it as a testament to the distillery’s legacy and a beacon of the future. 

“It not only marks the final expression in our first legacy series, but also symbolises a new era for Rosebank, as we prepare to open the doors of our revived distillery.”

Tasting Profile

Crafted from limited casks retained for over three decades, the Rosebank 32-year-old offers a symphony of flavours, with sweet aromas of pineapple and candied ginger mingling with lemon and marzipan with hints of white pepper and café latte. 

These give way to a velvety mouthfeel of hints of malt, thyme, butterscotch, tropical fruits, drying oak and softly warming spice. This is followed by a soft, lingering finish of notes of lemon, honeyed porridge and toasted walnut.

Innovative Experience

With this release, Rosebank introduces Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology tags on every bottle of the 32-year-old expression. This innovative feature allows consumers to delve deeper into the whisky’s story through their smartphone, offering:

  • Insights
  • Tasting videos 
  • Enhanced authenticity verification

A Whisky for Connoisseurs

With an ABV of 47.6% and a recommended retail price of £2,100, Rosebank 32 Year Old stands as a pinnacle of craftsmanship and tradition. 

Available for purchase online starting May 13, 2024, at 9am, this exceptional whisky invites connoisseurs to embark on a sensory journey unlike any other, where every sip is accompanied by the harmonious notes of “Rosebank Reawakening”.

Rosebank Reawakening

In a unique celebration of this milestone, Rosebank collaborated with esteemed composer Des Oliver to craft a bespoke orchestral piece inspired by the whisky itself. Aptly named “Rosebank Reawakening,” the composition was brought to life by the globally acclaimed Chineke! Orchestra creates a sensory experience that transcends the boundaries of taste and sound.

Inspiration and Collaboration

Des Oliver, renowned for his expertise in composition and previous collaborations with prestigious orchestras, embarked on a journey of immersion at the revived Rosebank Distillery. 

Guided by Emma Oakes, Blender, and Malcolm Rennie, Distillery Manager, Oliver delved into the essence of the 32-year-old whisky, drawing inspiration from its intricate flavours and storied history.

A Symphony of Flavours

The resulting musical masterpiece reflects Oliver’s tasting experience, weaving a tapestry of notes that mirror the whisky’s multifaceted profile. From the initial smoothness to the lingering echoes of oak and spice, “Rosebank Reawakening” invites listeners on a sensory journey, mirroring the nuances of the revered Scotch whisky.

Investing in Rare Whiskies

The release of the final bottle of Legacy Series highlights the 30 years of time in which Rosebank distillery was dormant. It shows that collectors and investors are thirsty for new and exciting releases of rare whisky. 

Other recent releases include:

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