Kingsbarns Distillery: A New Chapter in Whisky Production & Growth

A family-owned distillery near St Andrews, Kingsbarns Distillery, has embarked on a multi-million-pound investment program aimed at significantly increasing the production and capacity of its award-winning single malt whisky. This major expansion reflects the distillery’s commitment to growth and excellence in the whisky industry.

kingsbarns distillery

Boosting Distillation Capacity

As part of this ambitious project, Kingsbarns Distillery has installed a new 20,000-litre washback, a critical component in the whisky production process. This addition is expected to increase distillation output by more than 40%. 

The washback, a large vessel used in the fermentation phase where ingredients are combined, was manufactured and installed by Clyde Associated Engineers. 

Due to its size, the installation required the temporary removal of an entire side wall of the distillery. Standing at 5.15 meters tall, this impressive piece of equipment marks a significant milestone in Kingsbarns’ expansion efforts.

Energy Efficiency Initiatives

Alongside the installation of the new washback, Kingsbarns has commenced work on a major heat recovery system. This innovative system includes a wash charging tank and heat exchanger designed to capture and reuse heat from previous distillation runs. 

The result is a notable reduction in energy use, aligning with the distillery’s commitment to sustainability and efficiency.

Expanding Storage Capacity

To accommodate the increased production, Kingsbarns is also developing a large-scale warehousing complex in nearby Glenrothes. This new facility will significantly boost the company’s storage capacity, allowing it to store more spirit each year and meet the growing demand for its multi-award-winning Lowland single malts.

Vision for the Future

William Wemyss, founder of Wemyss Family Spirits, the parent company of Kingsbarns Distillery, highlighted the significance of this investment. “We’ve developed a real foothold in the market for Lowland whiskies and now need to substantially increase our stocks of maturing spirit to meet the thirst for this delicate, fruit-forward malt,” he said. 

The expansion is part of a multi-phase, seven-figure investment aimed at preparing Kingsbarns for the future as its spirits mature.

Preparing for Milestone Releases

As Kingsbarns Distillery approaches its 10th anniversary, this expansion will enable it to ramp up production while maintaining control over specialised maturation and bottling. 

The first spirits from the expanded distillery will be earmarked for 10th-anniversary releases starting in 2025, with plans to release 10 and 12-year-old aged expressions in the coming years.

About Kingsbarns Distillery

Established in 2014, Kingsbarns Distillery is part of the Wemyss Family Spirits portfolio, which also includes the Wemyss Malts range and Darnley’s Gin. Founded by Isabella and William Wemyss in 2005, Wemyss Family Spirits is an independent, family-owned company known for creating exceptional spirits that are non-chill filtered and free of additives. The distillery’s team, led by Distillery Manager Peter Holroyd, is dedicated to ensuring that the expansion maintains the unique fruity and elegant house style that Kingsbarns is celebrated for around the world.

With ground recently broken on the new warehouses in Glenrothes, the upgraded production setup is expected to be operational by mid-2024. This marks a new chapter for Kingsbarns Distillery, as it continues to grow and thrive in the competitive world of whisky production.

New Investments in Whisky Production

The investment at Kingsbarns Distillery continues the trend of new and exciting investments in the whisky industry. Whether it is brand new distilleries or previously closed distilleries reopening there is a constant stream of new whisky investment news. 

These include: 

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