Ardnahoe Distillery’s Inaugural Release: 5-Year-Old First Whisky

Get ready, whisky enthusiasts! Islay’s Ardnahoe Distillery is gearing up to launch its very first whisky bottling, the Inaugural Release, on May 10th, priced at £70. This highly anticipated release marks a significant milestone for the distillery, which takes its name from the Scottish Gaelic for ‘Height of the Hollow’.

ardnahoe distillery inaugural release

About the Inaugural Release

Crafted with precision and passion, the Inaugural Release has been aged for five years in ex-bourbon and ex-oloroso sherry casks, boasting an impressive 50% abv. It’s not just any whisky—it’s the first from a new distillery on Islay since 2009, making it a truly historic occasion.

What is the Ardnahoe Distillery?

Situated on the breathtaking northeast coast of Islay, Ardnahoe is the realisation of a long-held dream for the Laing family—Stewart Laing and his sons Andrew and Scott—of Hunter Laing & Co., an independent bottling and blending company. Their vision for a distillery on this renowned whisky-making island has finally come to fruition.

But Ardnahoe isn’t just any distillery—it’s breaking records left and right. From being the sole distillery on Islay utilising worm tubs to boasting the longest lyne arms in Scotland (at an impressive 7.5 meters), and sourcing water from the deepest loch on Islay, Loch Ardnahoe, this distillery is making waves in the whisky world.

Andrew Laing, reflecting on the family’s deep-rooted connection to whisky, shares, “As a family, we’ve been in this industry for three generations. It was always our dream to make our own whisky here.”

With a commitment to quality and a process that’s small, manual, and slow, Ardnahoe aims to establish a legacy that promotes excellence in Islay single malt whisky.

A Uniquely Crafted Whisky

Crafted under the guidance of distillery manager Fraser Hughes, Inaugural Release features malted barley from Port Ellen Maltings, boasting a phenol content of 40 ppm. The soft water from Loch Ardnahoe, filtered through peat and rock, adds a distinctive character to the whisky, fermented in washbacks made of Oregon Pine and distilled in large copper pot stills.

Described as fruit-forward, with notes of apple tart tatin, dark red fruits, custard, and citrus, with the peat smoke lingering on the finish, Inaugural Release sets the stage for a series of future releases from the distillery.

Andrew Laing emphasises Ardnahoe’s unique approach to peat and fruit characteristics, stating, “It’s not just a story about peat, but how it’s balanced and incorporated with the other flavours.”

Recognising the enormity of establishing a distillery on Islay, Andrew expresses pride in being part of a community renowned for its exceptional distilleries and whiskies.

The Future of Whisky

Ardnahoe Distillery is building a legacy and like many young distilleries, it takes years to craft and release their first Scotch. In recent years we have seen a number of distilleries take that initial step:

So, it has become a trend to jump on the whisky bandwagon, and investors are excited by these developments. 

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