Last Drop Unveils 55-Year-Old Whisky in 2024 Collection

Rare spirits enthusiasts, brace yourselves! Last Drop Distillers, renowned for its impeccable selection of aged spirits, has just unveiled its much-anticipated 2024 collection. At the heart of this collection lies a true gem – a 55-year-old Scotch whisky, a testament to the mastery of time and craftsmanship.

last drop release no 36 whisky

Who Are Last Drop Distillers?

Founded in 2008 by James Espey and the late Tom Jago, Last Drop Distillers has consistently sought out some of the most extraordinary and limited spirits, offering aficionados a chance to experience history in every sip.

The Last Drop 2024 Collection

This year’s collection comprises three exceptional bottles, each meticulously crafted and aged to perfection.

  • Release No. 34: A 40-year-old single malt Scotch from the renowned Lowland distillery Auchentoshan. With only 74 bottles in existence, this whisky boasts a surprising sweetness, featuring notes of fruitcake, stewed apples, black cherry, and a spicy oak aftertaste. Bottled at 44.8% ABV, it’s a rare delight priced at £3,500 (US$4,382).
  • Release No. 35: Dubbed the ‘Infinitum Rum Blend,’ this 22-year-old blend of rum hails from various corners of the globe, including Guyana, Jamaica, Trinidad, and beyond. Aged in oak rum casks for over two decades, it offers a symphony of flavours, from honeycomb and nutmeg to allspice, culminating in a dry finish of white pepper and citrus. Limited to just 136 bottles, it’s priced at £2,200 (US$2,754).
  • Release No. 36: The pièce de résistance of the collection, this 55-year-old single malt Scotch from Tomintoul Distillery in Speyside is a marvel of ageing. Aged for over half a century in oak casks, with a finishing touch in an amoroso Sherry butt cask, it exudes rich aromas of dark fruits and raisins, followed by a palate of spices and herbs, culminating in a long and lingering finish. With only 582 bottles available, this extraordinary whisky is priced at £6,600 (US$8,263).

A Journey of Discovery

Rebecca Jago, managing director of The Last Drop Distillers, shares her excitement about the 2024 collection, describing it as a journey of discovery. “We take great joy in sharing our discoveries and stories, and we are delighted to present The Last Drop’s 2024 collection of remarkable spirits.

“It has been a fascinating mission to curate these releases; each reveals a different element of what makes our business unique: the originality of the Auchentoshan process, the fortuitous result of the ‘infinity’ rum’ and the spirit of innovation within the Tomintoul release from the distillery’s early years.”

Tradition and Innovation

As enthusiasts eagerly await the opportunity to add these rare treasures to their collections, Last Drop Distillers continues to uphold its mission of celebrating the rich tapestry of spirits history while pushing the boundaries of innovation.

In a world where time is often measured in moments, Last Drop invites us to savour the essence of time itself, bottled and preserved for generations to come.

Rare Whisky Collections

The Last Drop collections should be at the top of any whisky collectors list. It is a distillery that works to take ‘the last drop’ from other prestigious distilleries. The unique nature of these bottles immediately positions them as rare spirits. 

UKV International AG is always looking for rare whiskies to expand the collections of their clients. 

Some of the more rare releases we have covered include:

If you have an interest in whisky and would like to start or build your collection, speak to our whisky experts.

Image from Last Drop