One-of-a-kind ARC-52 Mokume Edition sells for £225,000

A whisky collaboration between the famed Bowmore Distillery and luxury car manufacturer Aston Martin has sold at Sothey’s auction house for £225,000.

The ARC-52 Mokume Edition is a one-of-a-kind bottle of 52-year-old whisky. It sold beyond expectations at the auction where it was valued between £140,000 and £220,000. 

Not only did the buyer purchase an exclusive whisky but a tour of the distillery in Scotland.

bowmore acr 52 aston martin mokume

52 years in the making

Bowmore Distillery is well known for its unique blends and distinctive style. Both can be seen in this collaboration. 

The ACR-52 has been ageing for 52 years. First in an American Oak Hogshead cask, then a European Oak Butt cask. A long, but rewarding process for the unique whisky.

Only 100 bottles were originally produced of the ARC-52 in June 2022, yet the Mokume Edition was always intended to be one of a kind,

Tasting notes

The tasting notes for the ARC-52 Mokume Edition offer a complex palate in the deep burnished gold of the liquid:

  • Nose: Creamy and fruity with notes of vanilla and custard cream but also peach, pear, kumquat, mandarin, and a hint of guava with herbal notes of fresh mint and eucalyptus. 
  • Taste: Sweet, fruity and citric with a flavour of green grapes and peach melba, clementine, and lime zest but also nutty notes of almond and hazelnuts, and tobacco leaves with a lightly peaty ashy and buttery character. 
  • Finish: Herbal and medicinal with exotic fruits, praline and butterscotch note 

A bespoke design

The ARC-52 Mokume Edition is quite literally a one-of-a-kind bottle. The bottle for the decanter was designed by Aston Martin and the glass was hand-blown to perfection. 

Its beautiful contours take inspiration from the contours of the banks of Loch Indaal, close to Bowmore Distillery. 

A carbon fibre top finishes the bottle from the same materials as the Aston Martin sports cars. With distinctive natural flecks reminiscent of mokume-gane steel, from which the edition is named. 

The combination of nature and technical excellence is seen in the decanter design, a speciality of the designers at Aston Martin. 

A charitable endeavour

The collaboration between Bowmore Distillery and Aston Martin has shown the masterful execution of design and excellence for both companies. 

With the ARC-52 Mokume Edition, the auction proceeds were intended to support The Bowmore Legacy charity. 

In this regard, the auction was an incredible success. Achieving more than initially anticipated The Bowmore Legacy will be able to continue its excellent work.

The charity supports young people in the town of Bowmore by providing employment, skills and training. 

Ron Welsh, Master Blender at Bowmore, said of the charity: “By creating this unique Mokume edition, we can also fulfil our ambition to ‘give back’ to our homeplace through The Bowmore Legacy, by offering collectors and Bowmore lovers something truly special and desirable.”

“As one of my last projects for Bowmore, this one is exceptionally close to my heart and is the perfect climax to an incredibly rewarding and exciting career.”

Bowmore have a history of charitable endeavours, in fact, they have provided Distillers One of One a bottle of STAC single malt which could be sold for up to £500,000!

A one-of-a-kind investment 

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