Electric Trucks are Set to Deliver Scotch Whisky for Chivas Brothers

Chivas Brothers are investing in electric trucks to deliver the scotch whisky they produce. 

A pilot programme between Chivas Brothers and Volvo Trucks will see the spirit transported in fully electric trucks for the first time. 

If successful this collaboration will reduce carbon emissions by 155 tonnes per year.

The pilot programme will see the drinks giant use Volvo FM Electric trucks, which are capable of transporting 24 tonnes of whisky per journey.

chivas brothers volvo electric trucks

Chivas Brothers sustainability goals

One of the sustainability goals for Chivas Brothers is to reduce carbon emissions by 50% in their supply chain by 2030.

They have made four pledges:

  • To be carbon neutral across Chivas Brothers distillation by 2026
  • To halve the scope of three CO2 emissions (those created by our value chain) by 2030
  • All their packaging will be reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025
  • To close the gender pay gap by 2024

The company has set a target to be fully carbon neutral by 2050.

This collaboration will go a long way to achieving these goals. 

Collaboration with Volvo

The collaboration between Chivas Brothers and Volvo will start with a pilot programme for two years. 

It will prove to be a strong testing ground for the vehicles, as the average truck would expect to see 62,000 miles a year transporting whisky. 

During this time the all-electric Volvo FM Electric truck will be accessed on a number of factors including:

  • Range
  • Uptime
  • Safety
  • Operational ease of use

Once the two-year period is complete and it is decided that the truck is a viable option it will be rolled out across the entire company fleet. 

The pilot programme will be run in conjunction with McPherson’s, the long-term haulage partner of Chivas Brothers. 

A bright future for whisky

Chivas Brothers are contributing to a sustainable future for the scotch whisky industry in Scotland. 

Jean-Etienne Gourgues, chairman and chief executive of Chivas Brothers has this to say about the collaboration and sustainable future of whisky:

“We are a proudly Scottish business and feel a deep responsibility to further the sustainability agenda, not only in whisky but for Scotland at large.

“While it is a true first for both, enabling us to progress towards a sustainable future for Scotch, innovating in electrification stands to benefit industries well beyond our own. This pilot will show us what is possible through long-term collaboration with partners who recognise the importance of our sustainability vision and remain steadfast in innovating to realise our shared success.”

Plenty of others in the whisky industry in Scotland are dedicated to ensuring sustainable practices.

Beam Suntory has entered into a partnership to help restore the Scottish peatlands, Talisker has undergone a sustainable package makeover and Ian MacLeod Distillers are developing a new facility in Stirling with sustainable goals in mind.

All in all, the whisky industry is changing the way it operates to maximise the environmental future of our planet. 

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