70-Year-Old Whisky Release: Glen Grant Devotion

The Glen Grant distillery has produced many whiskies over the years, including some limited-edition ranges. The latest edition to this list is a 70-year-old scotch whisky. To find out more about the Glen Grant Distillery and their latest edition, Devotion, keep reading below:

glen grant devotion

The Glen Grant Distillery

The Glen Grant Distillery was founded by the smuggler brothers John and James Grant in 1840. They chose the location of Glen Grant because it had everything they could possibly need to set up a successful brewery: the river Spey to the south, the sea, the port of Lossiemouth nearby, and barley growing plains surrounding it. All of these things are fundamental ingredients for creating and selling scotch whisky. 

In 1872, Major James Grant, nephew of John Grant, took over the distillery. He revolutionised the craft of making scotch whisky by introducing elongated stills and water-cooling purifiers to capture the finest vapours. 

Unfortunately, in 1913, Major Grant died. However, thankfully, the distillery was taken over by his grandson, Douglas MacKessack. He carried on his family’s legacy, making sure the whisky he produced was of exceptional quality. And this continues today. 

The Glen Grant Range

If you’re a whisky lover, then there’s a high chance you’ve heard of the Glen Grant range. The Glen Grant range includes some of the finest Scotch whiskies in the world. Many of these whiskies have been given awards for their taste and quality. On top of this, the Glen Grant range also includes a selection of exclusive, limited-edition whiskies, each of which is distilled on-site. 

The Newest and Oldest-Ever Release – Devotion

The Glen Grant Distillery recently announced its oldest ever release – a 70-year-old scotch whisky known as Devotion. The Glen Grant Devotion was released by Leading Distiller Dennis Malcolm OBE, hot glass producer Brodie Nairn, and craftsman John Galvin. It is considered one of the highest-strength whiskies available at 55.5% ABV. It was sourced from a single French oak container seasoned with oloroso sherry. 

Whisky fans wanting to get their hands on a bottle of Devotion must be quick, as only seven decanters are available. Each of these decanters is unique, created to celebrate each decade of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign. However, before you try and get your hands on this exquisite whisky, it’s essential to be aware that it is estimated to sell between £70,000 and £110,000 per decanter. 

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Seven Unique Decanters

As mentioned above, each of the Devotion decanters is unique. They all feature a silver capsule adorned with an individual floral engraving. Here are the different engravings available to buy:

  • UK – The rose
  • Hong Kong – The daffodil
  • Singapore – The orchid
  • China – The begonia
  • US – clematis and daisy
  • Japan – The stephanotis

These decanted are placed within a wood sculpture handcrafted from an elm tree. 

Why is the Latest Release Called Devotion?

The new whisky from Glen Grant Distillery is called Devotion, after the late Queen Elizabeth II. To be devoted is to exhibit unwavering love and loyalty to something you care deeply about, and she definitely did this for her country. 

Over the years, Glen Grant has released many different scotch whiskies, but none have been as anticipated as their latest release, Devotion. One thing is for sure, we can’t wait to see how much it sells for at auction. 

Rare and Fine Whisky Collection

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