Coachbuilt and Williams Racing Unveil Inaugural Co-Branded Whisky Blend

Scotch brand Coachbuilt, co-founded by Formula One World Champion Jenson Button and George Koutsakis, has teamed up with Williams Racing to launch its inaugural co-branded whisky. This limited edition 18-year-old blended Scotch whisky is a testament to both the legacy of Williams Racing and Button’s passion for fine spirits.

jenson button coachbuilt whisky

The Coachbuilt Williams Racing Blend

Limited to just 3,000 bottles worldwide, the Coachbuilt 18-year-old blend is priced at £230 (US$295) for a 700ml bottle. This special release has been aged in a combination of ex-Sherry and Bourbon casks and boasts an ABV of 48%. The blend is a harmonious mix of liquids from all five Scotch whisky regions, expertly crafted by Coachbuilt co-founder George Koutsakis at Claxton’s.

The Coachbuilt 18-year-old will be available in the UK at selected spirits retailers starting in August.

Tasting Notes

The Coachbuilt 18-year-old offers an exquisite sensory experience:

  • Nose: Orchard fruit and winter spice
  • Palate: Hints of vanilla, dark chocolate, and cinnamon
  • Finish: Smooth and well-balanced, perfect for sipping neat or on the rocks

Honouring a Racing Heritage

The collaboration between Coachbuilt and Williams Racing is more than a partnership; it’s a celebration of a rich history. Jenson Button’s relationship with Williams Racing dates back to 2000 when the team provided him with his breakthrough opportunity in Formula One.

“The launch of our inaugural release is the culmination of my dream to blend my two big passions: racing and Scotch whisky,” said Jenson Button. “Racing fans and Scotch collectors have a lot to be excited about as we bring forward some truly unique whiskies – all beautifully blended to create a smooth and well-balanced sipping experience.”

This release is just the beginning of a series of limited-edition whiskies that will commemorate remarkable moments in Williams Racing’s history. Additionally, the core Coachbuilt edition will be poured for Williams guests in the paddock, enhancing the racing experience with a touch of Scotch elegance.

Packaging Inspired by Racing Excellence

The packaging of the Coachbuilt 18-year-old is inspired by the FW-18, one of Williams Racing’s most successful and iconic cars. The 18-year age statement is a nod to this legendary vehicle, adding a layer of historical significance to the whisky.

Fine & Rare Whisky Collection

With the launch of this 18-year-old blend, both racing enthusiasts and whisky connoisseurs have something truly special to add to their collection.  

For many collectors of fine and rare whiskies we are living in an bountiful time, with new releases every week to satisfy growing collections. These include:

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