Knockhill Distillery: A New Whiksy Venture in West Fife

Within the picturesque landscapes of West Fife, a transformation is underway near Steelhead. What was once a poultry shed is now evolving into Knockhill Distillery. 

Based at Din Moss Farm, Knockhill Distillery, represents a dedication to the art of whisky-making and a commitment to innovation and sustainability.

west fife landscape

A New Whisky Distillery in West Fife

The vision behind Knockhill Distillery is ambitious yet rooted in tradition. It is a family-driven endeavour to craft exceptional malt whisky, gin, and vodka. With plans submitted in January 2022, the stage is set to create 11 full-time jobs and introduce a brand that sells scotch whisky to markets worldwide.

But what sets Knockhill Distillery apart? It’s not merely about producing spirits; it’s about crafting an experience deeply connected to the land and its people. The distillery’s location, nestled near the renowned racing circuit, infuses it with a unique character, reflective of the region’s rich heritage.

Sustainable Technology

From the outset, sustainability is woven into the fabric of Knockhill Distillery. Planning permission, granted by Fife Council, heralds the beginning of a journey towards a greener future. The use of energy-efficient technologies and a wood chip-fueled biomass plant underscores a commitment to minimising environmental impact.

Yet, sustainability extends beyond energy practices. Knockhill Distillery is poised to support local producers, sourcing malting barley from nearby farms and prioritising recyclable packaging. Moreover, by-products from the whisky-making process will find purpose in enriching both their own and neighbouring agricultural endeavours.

Local Development

Knockhill Distillery is a diversification for the family who owns Din Moss Farm. They are transforming a poultry shed into a new distillery. 

It will not only create an opportunity for the family to make their farm profitable but also create economic growth for West Fife, providing employment opportunities and nurturing local talent.

A Growing Trend in Scotch Whisky

Investment in whisky in Scotland is a regular occurrence with large and small companies investing and expanding their facilities. This is due to the rapid expansion of scotch whisky exports worldwide with 2023 exporting £5.3 billion worth of whisky from Scotland.

Examples of this include:

Despite the whisky market evening out since the post-pandemic boom, it is still an very profitable market for alternative investments. 

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