Edinburgh’s Holyrood Distillery Unveils Its First Single Malt

Holyrood Distillery is somewhat unique in its niche. Established in 2019, this new arrival to the whisky market quickly made a prestigious name out of the brand. Now recognised as a serious contender, it has most recently revealed the launch of a first time, not to miss, single malt addition known as ‘Arrival’.


The Allure of a Single Malt

The single malt whisky is a classic drink, created from a single distillery. The allure is intriguing enough to entice thousands upon thousands of whisky aficionados, time after time. The latest product ‘Arrival’ is set to take Holyrood to the next level and has been highly anticipated prior to launch. Unlike blended whiskies, single malts are brewed for less time, usually up to three years compared to at least five for a blended drink. They are also the product of just one distillery, unlike the alternative which draws from barley, malt, and grain from a selection of options.

A Story of Success

Holyrood Distillery, in Edinburgh, Scotland, is fairly new on paper to the whisky scene. However, that does not mean that the walls of this establishment are not infused with experience, passion, and excellence. Going from strength to strength, it is the first place to open up here in nearly 100 years. The core focus in this building is innovation and creativity, with a team of young distillers taking the lead every single day. Following the motto of ‘Test. Learn. Improve. Repeat.’, each moment is fuelled by forward thinking exploration which channels the very delights that come from within.

What Arrival Brings to the Table

Arrival is a 46.1% single malt marketed as inaugural first and foremost. Combining Scotch pot still malt and a variety of yeasts, this is something traditional in terms of flavour, with a Holyrood special stamp on the overall kick. As things stand, there will only be 8,188 bottles, which makes it one not to miss for serious collectors interested in unique whisky investment opportunities. Our team can assist when it comes to finding the right supply so get in touch if you are interested in pursuing this venture for your collection.

The Flavour Profile

Ultimately, this is a classic whisky with some unexpected twists floating within. You may find a fruity deliverance, combined with ginger, and general sweetness like butterscotch, and these balance each other out in such a unique way. All of this has been achieved while staying true to the classic whisky process and is brought together in a somewhat breathtaking capacity.

The After Effect

Before you take a sip, take a sniff. Let the flavours consume your senses and then follow up with a gentle, but firm taste of what’s on offer. Embrace the journey and see where it takes you because you will never be disappointed. When the drink is finished, you may find fruit and sweetness lingering on your tastebuds.

Staying True to Holyrood

Holyrood is one of the most famous areas in all of Edinburgh, home to parliament and a plethora of deep Scottish heritage, and this distillery actively chooses to embrace this in everything they do. That is why the presentation of the Arrival bottle is something classic and authentic to Edinburgh. Brown glass with an hourglass on the front encases the liquid inside, which serves as a nod to the local glassworks in the area. It is supposed to represent the versatility that Edinburgh has to offer both residents and visitors to the area. Therefore, this distillery has worked tirelessly to strike the perfect balance between the modern era and the past as well.

For serious investors, this is not a bottle you can simply pass by. It promises astounding things to come in the future, and it is inspiring to see an authentic Edinburgh taste taking the lead.