Celebrating Women in Whisky: The Demeter Collection Raises Over £49,000 in Auction

In a monumental event recognising the contributions of women in the whisky industry, the Demeter Collection auction has raised nearly £50,000 for the OurWhisky Foundation

This groundbreaking auction, hosted by Whisky Auctioneer, featured 19 specially curated lots, showcasing the finest whiskies in homage to women’s remarkable achievements in the field.

demeter whisky collection

Auction Highlights

Here’s a glimpse into the highlights of the auction:

  • Dalmore 44-Year-Old: The prestigious top bid went to a rare 44-year-old Dalmore, dedicated to Margaret Nicol, a blend controller at Whyte & Mackay, who dedicated five decades to the whisky industry. The exclusive bottle fetched a remarkable hammer price of £12,500, serving as a fitting tribute to Nicol’s illustrious career.
  • 20-Year-Old Ardbeg Tribute: Crafted as a tribute to master blender Gillian MacDonald’s 20-year legacy, a unique 20-year-old Ardbeg achieved a notable hammer price of £9,700.
  • Wire Works’ Love, Sweat & Tears: The first bottle drawn from the inaugural cask at Derbyshire’s White Peak Distillery, Wire Works’ Love, Sweat & Tears, fetched an impressive £3,350, showcasing the anticipation and excitement surrounding new distilleries.
  • Loch Lomond Sonata Collection: A creative trio of whiskies curated to explore peat, the Loch Lomond Sonata Collection sold for £2,200, demonstrating the diversity and complexity of whisky profiles.
  • Atonia’s Legacy: The inaugural blend in a series celebrating the Demeter Collection, Atonia’s Legacy, reached a hammer price of £1,650. Blended by Sarah Burgess of The Lakes Distillery, it marks a strong start to this innovative series.

The auction attracted winning bids from across the globe, including the UK, USA, Ireland, Latvia, and Belgium, underscoring the international significance of celebrating women in whisky.

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Supporting OurWhisky Foundation

The OurWhisky Foundation, the world’s first non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting and empowering professional women in whisky, expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support received. 

Becky Paskin, the foundation’s founder, emphasised the importance of funding to continue providing essential support and guidance for women in whisky.

“We’re blown away by the fantastic amount raised from the inaugural Demeter Collection.

“The OurWhisky Foundation provides much-needed support and guidance for women in whisky as well as the wider industry, but we are in desperate need of funding if we’re to continue providing our services.

Joe Wilson, Head Curator and Spirits Specialist at Whisky Auctioneer expressed his privilege in supporting the OurWhisky Foundation and promoting the contributions of women to the industry. He commended the collaboration between distilleries, independent bottlers, and bidders for making a real difference.

“It has been a privilege for us to support the OurWhisky Foundation in providing not just a platform for this ground-breaking sale, but also to promote the contributions of women to the industry as a whole.

“From the distilleries and independent bottlers who generously donated to the bidders from across the world, it is incredible to see whisky lovers come together to make a real difference.”

An Industry With Progressive Initiatives

Historically, whisky has been marketed towards men, therefore it was seen as a drink only for men. This extended to the lack of recognition for women and their role in crafting whisky. The whisky industry is changing this image and initiatives like OurWhisky Foundation provide a path for women into the industry.

The success of the Demeter Collection auction not only highlights the exceptional quality of the whiskies but also underscores the industry’s commitment to inclusivity and diversity. As initiatives like the OurWhisky Foundation continue to thrive, the whisky world becomes a more inclusive space for everyone.

At UKV International AG, we like to champion these initiatives as, like whisky making, whisky investment is open to all enthusiasts. 

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