UKV’s Cutting-edge Whisky Storage Facility Starts Accepting Casks

In an unprecedented venture alongside Elite Wine & Whisky Ltd, UKV International proudly unveils a revolutionary approach to whisky collection and investment.

Our state-of-the-art whisky storage facility, located within Royal Elizabeth Yard in Edinburgh, heralds a new era of transparency within the industry.

The Royal Elizabeth Yard Facility: Redefining Whisky Storage

Positioned strategically at Royal Elizabeth Yard in Edinburgh, our bonded whisky warehouse is meticulously crafted to use the latest whisky storage technology. It stores our client’s investments in the ideal environment for safety and maximising investment potential. Here are the standout features that set it apart:

  • Centralised storage for enhanced convenience
  • Cutting-edge inventory management system
  • Precisely controlled temperature
  • Open for visits from investors

Embracing a New Level of Engagement

Gone are the days of distant investment endeavours. At our bonded whisky warehouse, investors are encouraged to immerse themselves in their portfolios like never before. With the reception of our inaugural delivery of whisky casks, clients now have the unprecedented opportunity to personally inspect and interact with their assets as they mature.

Watch our video, showing the facility and the new home of our investors whisky:

Experience Transparency at its Finest

Transparency isn’t just a principle; it’s the cornerstone of our operations. Recognising the imperative for heightened visibility in whisky investments, we’ve meticulously tailored our facility to prioritise openness. Every facet of the investment journey is now readily accessible, empowering our clients with comprehensive knowledge and unwavering confidence.

Capacity and Diligence

Though our facility may not boast the largest footprint, it’s purpose-built with our clients in mind. With a capacity for up to 7,000 casks, we prioritise quality over quantity. 

Unlike larger facilities where casks are checked annually, our smaller scale enables us to maintain a vigilant watch over each investment. Daily inspections by our duty representatives ensure optimal ageing conditions.

As we welcome our first 100 casks from our current portfolio of 5,000, there remains ample room for expansion.

Investing with the UKV Experience

Your whisky investment journey with UKV International is about elevating your experience at every juncture. We continuously endeavour to introduce innovative avenues for our clients to invest in whisky while mitigating risks.

Our recent launch of the £20 million whisky investment fund exemplifies this commitment, offering entry opportunities for investors with varying capital thresholds.

Aligned with our collaboration with Elite Wine & Whisky Ltd, we remain steadfast in our commitment to pioneering investment opportunities and fostering client engagement.

Contact our team today to embark on your whisky collection journey or schedule a visit!