The Dalmore Luminary No. 2 – The Rare Sells for Over £90,000 at Auction, Benefiting Scottish Museum

A decanter of an exceptionally rare Dalmore whisky has made headlines by selling for over £90,000 at a Sotheby’s auction in London. 

The 49-year-old single malt, presented in a uniquely crafted glass decanter, achieved a final sale price of £93,750, with all proceeds benefiting the V&A Dundee Museum in Scotland.

the dalmore luminary no 2 the rare

The Luminary No.2 – The Rare: A Unique Collaboration

Dalmore Distillery, located near Invergordon, released its Luminary No.2 collection in collaboration with Dundee’s V&A Museum. The distillery announced that the full hammer price of £75,000 would be donated directly to the museum. 

This exceptional collection includes only three bottles and two sculptures of the 49-year-old malt, ensuring its rarity and exclusivity. One will be stored in The Dalmore archive and the other will be saved for a final Luminary Series Compendium which will occur in the future once the final collaboration is released. 

An Artistic Endeavour

Melodie Leung, a director at Zaha Hadid Architects, designed the intricate sculpture accompanying the whisky. The partnership between Dalmore and V&A Dundee is ambitious, aiming to blend the worlds of design, whisky, internationalism, and innovation. Leonie Bell, the museum’s director, praised the collaboration:

“The Dalmore and V&A Dundee partnership is ambitious. It brings our worlds of design, whisky, internationalism, innovation, and a deep commitment to celebrate Scotland’s unique icons, landscapes, and crafts together. The Dalmore are generously donating the entire proceeds from the auction of the unique sculpture and decanter.”

The Glass Foundry helped create the distinctive glass sculpture. Handcrafted by Fiaz Elson, she placed it in a kiln, in a handmade mould, lowering the temperature one degree over 12 weeks to achieve the incredible design. It weighs over 80kg and took over 500 hours of intricate polishing.

Crafting the Rare Whisky

The Dalmore’s master whisky makers, Gregg Glass and Richard Paterson OBE, aged the 49-year-old single malt in American White Oak ex-Bourbon casks. Melodie Leung expressed her excitement about the collaboration:

“Creating both the sculpture and whiskies with Gregg and Richard for the second edition of The Dalmore’s Luminary Series was a truly fascinating collaboration. I am delighted that collectively we’re supporting the V&A Dundee in their invaluable work inspiring the next generation of designers.”

A Partnership of Art and Whisky

Steven Pearson, chief marketing officer of Whyte & Mackay, highlighted the significance of the Luminary series:

“The Luminary series offers The Dalmore the unique opportunity to not only support our long-standing partner V&A Dundee but to collaborate with leading architectural figures to combine the art of whisky making and design. Watching The Dalmore’s Master Whisky Makers, Gregg Glass and Richard Paterson OBE, work with the incredibly talented Melodie Leung was a sight to behold. It was remarkable to see the development of a whisky through the eyes of an architect and watch the sculpture take shape, with Gregg and Richard’s influences incorporated.”

An Everlasting Influence on Design Philosophy

The collaboration between Melodie Leung, Gregg Glass, and Richard Paterson OBE has left a lasting impact on Dalmore’s design philosophy. Pearson emphasised the enduring nature of this partnership:

“Luminary No.2 has been a true partnership between Melodie, Gregg, and Richard, and this project will have an everlasting influence on our design philosophy.”

A Collectible Masterpiece

Jonny Fowle, global head of spirits at Sotheby’s, concluded by recognising the sale as a well-deserved result for a true collector’s piece:

“This is a thoroughly deserved result for a true collector’s piece that combines to brilliant effect a highly aged liquid, a high concept design, and a worthy cause. The Dalmore is an icon of the whisky world, and this second iteration in their Luminary series encapsulates all the key elements collectors are looking for in today’s premium whisky market.”

The auction’s success underscores the extraordinary craftsmanship, innovative design, and charitable spirit that define the Luminary No.2 collection, making it a standout in the world of fine whisky.

The Collectable Edition

A more affordable version of The Rare is now available online called The Luminary No. 2 – The Collectable. With only 20,000 bottles produced it is still a good addition to a whisky collection. Also, it is more affordable than The Rare at £275 per bottle. 

The Collectable is a 16-year-old whisky and it extended the collaboration between Melodie Leung and Greg Glass.

Rare Whiskies at Auction

The Luminary is not the only rare whisky that has recently gone under the auctioneer’s hammer. 

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Image credit: The Dalmore