Rare Whiskies Await at Bonhams Online Auction in Paris

Bonhams is set to host an exclusive online whisky auction in Paris, featuring a trio of exceptional Bowmore bottles that are sure to tantalise collectors’ palates.

black bowmore in box

Images from Bonhams

Iconic Bowmore Bottles

Leading the pack is the illustrious Black Bowmore, a 42-year-old vintage from 1964, estimated at an impressive €14,000-18,000. 

This iconic bottle is joined by its equally prestigious siblings, the White Bowmore-1964 and the Gold Bowmore-1964, with estimated values ranging from €13,000-16,000 and €12,000-15,000 respectively. 

Each bottle is presented in its original, exquisite case, adding to its allure and value.

When is The Auction?

For aficionados, this auction presents a rare opportunity to acquire these coveted whiskies, with bidding open until the 13th of February 2024 at 12 noon CET/11am UKT / 5am EST / 7pm HKT.

According to Clément Gaillard, Bonhams Whisky Specialist, “It’s a connoisseur’s dream to be offering some very special and sought-after bottles in this sale. At the forefront of the offering, the Black Bowmore is a milestone in whisky history, and its White and Gold siblings offer a fascinating overview of the distillery’s golden era.”

View the auction online on the Bonhams website.

A Diverse Selection of Spirits

But the excitement doesn’t end there. The auction boasts a total of 63 lots, showcasing an array of exceptional spirits, including:

  • Springbank-50-year-old: Distilled in 1919 and bottled in the early 1970s, this legendary Springbank remains one of the oldest and rarest whiskies ever released by the distillery, with an estimated value of €10,000-15,000.
  • Macallan-Glenlivet-35-year-old-1938: Crafted by independent bottler Gordon & MacPhail, this Macallan is a testament to the distillery’s legacy. With an estimated value of €2,400-3,000, it offers a glimpse into the elusive world of vintage whiskies.
  • Neisson-1995: Representing the pinnacle of French Caribbean rum, this single cask from Neisson is making its auction debut. Selected by La Maison du Whisky and Velier, it is estimated at €1,400-1,800.
  • A.E DOR Réserve N°5 “Louis Philippe” Très Vieille Grande Champagne: Distilled in 1840 and bottled by A.E. Dor, this exceptional cognac is a true collector’s item, with an estimated value of €3,600-5,000.

Past Whisky Auctions 

Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a whisky enthusiast looking to expand your collection, Bonhams’ online auction offers a unique opportunity to acquire rare and coveted bottles that are sure to impress even the most discerning connoisseurs. 

Whisky auctions are the prime location to discover rare and exciting whiskies and in recent times there have been plenty to quench the thirst of any discerning collector. 

These include:

All these auctions were within the past 12 months!

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