Westway Cooperage Doubles in Size Two Years Since Opening

A remarkable family legacy is taking shape in the heart of Scotland’s whisky country. Founded just two years ago by the enterprising Reilly brothers – Jamie, Andrew, and Stephen – Westway Cooperage has swiftly established itself as a pivotal player in the trading and repair of oak casks for the esteemed Scotch whisky industry.

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Growth Amidst Demand Surge

As the demand for Scotch whisky continues to surge, Westway Cooperage is embarking on an exciting new chapter of expansion. Bolstered by strong orders the cooperage has been noted in the industry for quality craftsmanship. The company is set to double the size of its operations, both in terms of personnel and facilities.

Doubling Premises and Workforce

At the heart of this expansion is a significant increase in both premises and workforce. Westway Cooperage’s headquarters, nestled within Canmoor’s Westway site adjacent to Glasgow Airport, is undergoing a remarkable transformation to accommodate its burgeoning workforce and order book for 2024.

From its humble beginnings with just a handful of employees, the company now boasts a dedicated team of 14 professionals, including directors, skilled coopers, labourers, and apprentices. With the premises set to double in size, from 5,300 to 9,400 square feet, Westway Cooperage is poised to enhance its capacity for cask repair and maintenance, ensuring it meets the evolving needs of its esteemed clientele.

Strategic Investment in the Future of the Industry

Jamie Reilly, Director of Westway Cooperage, expressed his enthusiasm for the company’s expansion, highlighting the strategic investment in additional space as a pivotal step towards fulfilling their clients’ demands.

“Our strategic investment in additional space paves the way for the expansion in our cask repair capacity for our key client base,” Reilly explained. “2024 is shaping up to be a very exciting year for Westway Cooperage.”

The Location Advantage

The decision to remain at the Westway site was deliberate, with Reilly noting its ideal location and flexibility as crucial factors in supporting the company’s growth trajectory.

Gregor King, Canmoor’s asset manager at Westway, echoed this sentiment, emphasising the benefits of the site’s cohesive ownership and the flexibility it offers to accommodate evolving business needs.

“This is a perfect illustration of the benefits of locating at Westway,” King remarked. “Where a single entity owns the entire estate and we therefore have greater flexibility to accommodate our occupiers’ changing requirements.”

Future Expansion

Looking ahead, King emphasised Canmoor’s commitment to further enhancing Westway’s appeal through ongoing development initiatives, including constructing two new speculative sheds – Westway 90 and Westway 200 – which will add 300,000 square feet of industrial logistics space to the park.

Investing in the Future of Whisky

As Westway Cooperage continues to thrive and expand, its journey serves as a testament to the resilience and innovation driving Scotland’s whisky industry forward. 

We can see this in the recent news that in 2023 scotch whisky exports topped £5.6 billion. Other players in the market are investing in developing new and larger facilities to cope with the demand. These include:

At UKV International AG, 2024 will be a huge year for our company with a new storage facility opening and the launch of a whisky investment fund

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