Ardgowan Distillery Selects Muir Construction for ‘Cathedral of Whisky’

Inverclyde, a picturesque region on the west coast of Scotland known for its natural beauty and historic significance, is set to welcome an exciting addition to its landscape. 

Ardgowan Distillery, the region’s first zero-carbon whisky distillery, is embarking on a groundbreaking journey to create a true “cathedral of whisky.” With the appointment of Inverkeithing-based Muir Construction for the first phase of this ambitious project, the dream of producing premium whisky while prioritising sustainability is one step closer to reality.


A Vision Seven Years in the Making

The £7 million contract awarded to Muir Construction represents the culmination of nearly seven years of meticulous planning by the founders of Ardgowan Distillery. This landmark project not only signifies a significant milestone for the distillery but also for the visitor experience in the region. The venture promises to generate up to 47 local jobs and produce a remarkable one million litres of premium whisky annually.

Sustainability at the Core

What makes Ardgowan Distillery truly remarkable is its unwavering commitment to sustainability. The distillery’s blueprint incorporates cutting-edge technologies aimed at delivering a carbon-neutral spirit. 

In a groundbreaking move, Ardgowan has partnered with Heriot-Watt University and engineers Briggs of Burton to pioneer a technique that captures all of the CO2 generated during fermentation and transforms it into green biomethane. This innovative approach has never been implemented in a Scotch whisky distillery, making Ardgowan a trailblazer in sustainable spirits production.

Martin McAdam, CEO of Ardgowan Distillery, emphasises the importance of choosing the right partners: “Partnering with Muir Construction for this first phase of the build is a major and very welcome step forward for us. It was imperative that we selected a contractor who shares the same values for sustainability. Muir’s experience constructing some of the finest Scotch Whisky distilleries open today, coupled with their hand in pioneering Scottish sustainability projects meant they were the perfect fit.”

Muir Construction: A Perfect Fit

Muir Construction, a part of the Muir Group, boasts a strong track record in distillery construction. They have previously collaborated with major distillery companies such as William Grant & Sons, Distell, and Glenmorangie. Their experience and expertise in crafting whisky facilities are undeniable, and their commitment to sustainability aligns seamlessly with Ardgowan’s vision.

Alan Muir, Joint Managing Director at Muir Construction, expresses his enthusiasm: “We are delighted to be given the opportunity by Ardgowan Distillery to join the delivery team in what is an exceptional distillery. Not only will this be at the forefront of distilling fine whisky, but it will also be an outstanding statement in visual design, something I’m sure we will all be proud of on completion. Our construction team is very excited to get started on the first step in what we are sure will be an excellent ongoing relationship.”

Securing the Future

To date, a total funding package of £24 million has been secured for the Ardgowan Distillery project. The distillery’s recent successful raising of over £3.6 million via a convertible loan note to shareholders highlights the robust support and enthusiasm for this venture. Additionally, Ardgowan’s selection of sherry cask-influenced malts celebrated a triple gold win at the 2022 Scotch Whisky Awards. This honour indicates the distillery’s commitment to quality matches its dedication to sustainability.

Ardgowan Distillery’s journey to create a sustainable “cathedral of whisky” is not just about producing exceptional spirits; it’s about pioneering a new era of environmentally responsible whisky production. As the distillery’s construction begins, the world eagerly awaits the first sip of this remarkable fusion of tradition, innovation, and sustainability. Inverclyde’s landscape is about to be adorned with a symbol of Scotland’s rich whisky heritage and its commitment to a greener future.

The Future of Whisky

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For example:

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