UKV International AG Will Open a State-of-the-Art Storage Facility Next Year

UKV International AG, a leading Swiss-based fine wine and rare whisky investment specialist, is making waves in the industry by announcing a state-of-the-art storage facility to be developed in Edinburgh.

Update: UKV’s Cutting-edge Whisky Storage Facility Starts Accepting Casks

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A Collaboration Between UKV and Elite Wine and Whisky

The Senior Consultant of UKV International AG, Alex James, unveiled the collaboration between UKV and Elite Wine and Whisky, along with its storage division, Elite Whisky Storage. Together, they are working towards establishing a bonded facility in Edinburgh within the next year.

“The development of this facility is a huge commitment and very exciting for everyone connected to UKV and indicates how fruitful the future looks for those involved in the whisky sector. The prospect of being able to consolidate storage facilities, provide greater control over stock tracking, and allow for client access should they wish to visit the facility will be an absolute game changer,” said James.

Consolidation and Control

This facility will revolutionise whisky storage by centralising the storage of investor cask whisky under one roof in an HMRC-regulated warehouse. Currently, cask whisky is scattered across various distilleries and bonded warehouses throughout Scotland.

Streamlined Storage and Management

The streamlined storage system will enhance stock tracking capabilities and provide clients with the unique opportunity to visit the facility. This initiative is set to transform the landscape of whisky storage and management for whisky investors, offering a game-changing solution to whisky enthusiasts and investors alike.

Scottish Food and Drink Exports Soar

James further highlighted the tremendous growth of Scottish food and drink exports, which soared by a staggering 30.6% in the past year alone (2022), amounting to a record £8.1 billion. Notably, India and Singapore experienced substantial increases in demand.

Unlocking the Flavour: Aging Whisky in Casks

Whisky enthusiasts understand the importance of ageing whisky in casks. The longer the ageing process, the more refined the flavour becomes, and subsequently, the higher the price.

On the matter of price, there is a clear correlation between more mature whiskies and price. However, storage of the casks is of paramount importance, which is why UKV is investing in a state-of-the-art storage facility. 

It will be temperature controlled to avoid significant losses to the angel’s share of whisky and for optimum flavour once bottled.

About UKV International AG

UKV International AG, as a Swiss-based fine wine and rare whisky investment specialist, offers clients a comprehensive overview of the market and valuable insights into market trends.

The development of this state-of-the-art storage facility in Edinburgh signifies UKV’s commitment to its clients and the whisky industry at large. As the company consolidates storage, enhances stock tracking, and opens its doors to clients, whisky enthusiasts and investors can expect an unparalleled experience in whisky storage and management.

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(Image is a visual representation, not the actual facility)