The National Whisky Festival is Returning to Aberdeen this Year for Another Instalment


The National Whisky Festival is set to return to Aberdeen on 10 September 2022 for a third time, with more dates to follow. The festival will take place in the Aberdeen Music Hall as it has done previously, and forms part of a series of fresh, new plans for the festival this year.

This announcement follows the news that the Whisky Festival is heading to Glasgow on May 7. Organisers of the event labelled Glasgow as “the festival’s spiritual home”, and so it is fitting that the 2022 edition of the festival kicks off there before heading up north to Aberdeen.

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In what was a sold-out affair, over 800 people attended Aberdeen in September 2021. In anticipation of similar success this year, organisers will run two sessions: one between 12pm and 3:30pm and another between 4:15pm and 7:45pm.

A Festival for the Nation 

Founded in 2015, the festival embodies what whisky means to Scotland, with the spirit at the core of its cultural identity as a nation. According to their website, the National Whisky Festival has “established itself as one of the most exciting exhibitions of uisge-beatha [the Scottish Gaelic term for “whisky”] – growing from a single tasting into a popular series of festivals across the country.”

The website adds: “At the core of our vision is a dynamic cultural experience built on whisky, discovery and diversity. From seasoned experts to curious newcomers, everyone is invited to celebrate whisky’s strong traditions whilst unveiling the exciting new styles of tomorrow. 

What’s in Store for Aberdeen?

Across each festival session in Aberdeen, there will be a range of whiskies and guest spirits available to try from some of the industry’s most popular names. Festival exhibitors will also be on-hand to inform the guests about the whiskies themselves, allowing whisky enthusiasts to really immerse themselves in the experience.

Alongside whisky tastings, there will also be pop-up food, drink, and craft stalls, as well as an on-site whisky shop that will include exclusive festival bottlings. To accompany these provisions, there will be live music and in-depth whisky masterclasses to keep the festival-goers entertained, the full line-up for which will be announced closer to the time.

Available to purchase here, tickets for the National Whisky Festival of Scotland will cost £37.50 and go on sale at 10am on Friday 25 February. The price includes entry to one of the masterclass sessions, a branded Glencairn National Whisky Festival glass, and access to the extensive range of other activities on offer!

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