Nick Offerman once again joins Lagavulin with The Offerman Edition 11 Year Charred Oak Cask

Nick Offerman and Lagavulin have renewed their collaboration for a third time with The Offerman Edition 11 Year Charred Oak Cask single malt whisky.

Offerman is famous as a skilled wood craftsman who has combined his other two passions, whisky and steak in collaboration with Lagavulin. 

lagavulin offerman 3

Lagavulin The Offerman Edition III – Screenshot, full video below

The Offerman Edition 11 Year Charred Oak is aged in American and European oak casks that are shaved down and then heavily re-charred. The single malt is perfectly paired with a smoky beef steak, with Offerman recommending wood-seared ribeye steak.

The Offerman/Lagavulin partnership

This is the third time Lagavulin has collaborated with the famous whisky-lover. 

The Offerman branded whisky started in 2019 with Offerman Edition whisky, but his love affair with the brand started much earlier. In his late 20s before his breakout role in Parks and Recreation, a friend purchased a glass of Lagavulin 16. From then on Offerman fell in love with the brand and describes it as “like a campfire in a glass”.

Once he started his role as Parks and Rec fan-favourite character, Ron Swanson, his association with the brand only grew. When Nick arrived on set and sat down at Ron’s desk he found a bottle of Lagavulin in the drawer. 

In one episode Ron Swanson visited the Lagavulin distillery, and then in 2014, he started a Tales of Whisky Youtube show. 

Following the collaboration in 2019, Offerman collaborated again in 2021 on a single malt finished in Guinness beer casks.

The Offerman Edition 11 Year Single Malt

The single malt whisky is available now in the UK for £69.99. It won the Double Gold Standard at the 2022 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

On the palate, you will find warm, smokey, sweet berry notes. Other tasting notes include a peaty, chocolate, treacle-like smell with some red berry notes, followed by a slight creaminess coming through on the nose. Then for the finish a warm, lingering and spicy on the palate. 

Offerman was involved in the process to create a single malt that is perfectly paired with steak. He even released a video to highlight the lengths he will go to protect the Lagavulin bottle.

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