Talisker Undergoes Sustainable Packaging Makeover

Diageo’s Scotch whisky brand Talisker has just introduced new sustainable packaging for their 10-year-old edition.

This makeover means that the recyclability of Talisker 10-year-old has been increased to 99.8%. Equally, it has reduced the plastic components used in the bottle by 86%, meaning that there is only 0.77g of plastic in each bottle. Notably, this reduction includes replacing the original plastic stopper with a wooden alternative. Overall, the redesign will reduce the brand’s packaging weight by 6% – or 28 tons – throughout the year.

Talisker Undergo Sustainable Packaging Makeover

This overhaul forms part of Diageo’s wider 2030 Spirit of Progress initiative, an ambitious but admirable ten-year plan to both make themselves more sustainable and more diverse. Amongst many goals they have set for themselves, Diageo want to increase the number of people in the company’s leadership positions from ethnically diverse backgrounds by 45% and become carbon neutral across its direct operations.

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By engaging in sustainability initiatives, Talisker is following on from brands like BrewDog, who have made their shift to being carbon negative a huge part of their recent marketing campaigns. These moves allow brands to tap into the growing number of eco-conscious consumers, something that Pranay Chandra, Diageo’s malt whisky marketing manager, also recognises.

She said in a press release: “Made on the shores of the Isle of Skye, Talisker is committed to its drive to protect the planet, ensuring our whiskies are produced sustainably. The new packaging will increase the recyclability of the Talisker portfolio significantly and we’re continuously seeking ways to achieve our sustainability goals.”

She continued: “Consumers are increasingly conscious of their own environmental impact, and we are dedicated to supporting and being a part of this. We understand that there is still more to do, however this is a significant step towards our goals of making all Talisker packaging recyclable by 2030, as well as working towards zero waste across our supply chain.”

If you are a Talisker 10-year-old enthusiast, you can undoubtedly sleep well tonight knowing that the whisky you love to drink is doing its bit for the environment.

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