A 95 Year Old’s painting of 1930s Glasgow on a 33-Year-Old single-malt bottle independently bottled by Caskshare

An independently bottled release by Caskshare is set to use Thomas McGoran’s painting of 1930s Glasgow on their Auchentoshan limited edition 33-Year-Old single malt scotch whisky.

The whisky is still in its cask and is set to be bottled in November 2023, featuring McGoran’s painting, Going To The Pictures With The Old Man.

Thomas McGoran was born in 1928, and his paintings depict life in Glasgow as a young boy in the 1930s. He was made redundant in 1988 from his job as a railway worker with his late wife purchasing him some brushes and oils. 

thomas mcgorvan going to the cinema

Auchentoshan 33-Year-Old single malt

The Auchentoshan 33-Year-Old single malt will be drawn from only one cask of ex-bourbon with a yield of only 165 bottles. This rare whisky can currently only be purchased by entering a ballot on the Caskshare website

Successful ballots will pay £575 per bottle, with the draw on Thursday 9th March at 12pm. In order to increase your chances of winning, priority will be given to The Collective members.

The Collective is a membership program of Caskshare which gives member-only access to specific casks.

Going To The Pictures With The Old Man

Thomas McGoran is a 95-year-old artist who revives memories of his childhood in Glasgow in the 1930s in his paintings. 

Going To The Pictures With The Old Man, which is shown above and will be featured on the 33-Year-Old bottle, is self-explanatory as a painting. It depicts a couple walking to the cinema, a place close to Thomas’s heart as he was a projectionist for a time.

It shows night creeping in on the Scottish city with only the shops and cinema illuminating the streets. An old man with his wife, dressed for a night at the cinema and a child approaching a shop for an early evening snack.

A peaceful image, with Glasgow at its centre, is the perfect accompaniment for an aged and exclusive whisky by an aged Glasgow artist.

Aged exclusive whiskies

We have recently seen a spate of aged exclusive whiskies released by small and large distilleries. 

Releases include:

It proves that consumers are looking for high quality scotch whisky for either special occasions or collections. 

The independent bottling of the Auchentoshan 33-Year-Old single malt scotch whisky by Caskshare is an excellent entry point for new collectors. The £575 price tag is affordable for many and with only 165 bottles to be produced, it is a very exclusive limited release whisky.

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