Two Bottles of the Second Oldest Single Malt Whisky to Go On Sale

Two bottles of Glenlivet 80-year-old single malt that were distilled during the earlier years of World War II will be available to purchase later this month. Currently, it stands as the second oldest single malt whisky. The oldest is the Macallan 81-year-old single malt, both were casked in 1940. 

glenlivet distilleryOnly 250 bottles were made of the Glenlivet 80 year expression and to even have the chance to purchase the extremely-rare whisky participants must enter a draw. 

The draw to purchase this bottle will occur in Vancouver, Canada. 

What will they sell for?

Each bottle of the Glenlivet 80-year-old single malt is expected to sell for a price of around $140,000.  Back in October 2021, decanter number one sold for a reported $193,000.

One global whisky expert Nate Gana has no doubt the whisky will sell for that staggering price tag, believing that the bottles will only appreciate more in value with each passing year.

Nate Gana told CTV News that he knows: “Multiple people will pay, absolutely, seeing the value in something like this. When you think about it, it’s actually a very fair price for how much time has elapsed since the creation of this whisky. You’re talking about 80 years and only charging $140,000”.

Later in the same interview, Gana stated: “I definitely see this being at least in the seven-figure range pretty soon … I think it’s going to become the value of a house and maybe, potentially more than that.”

Why is it so expensive?

The price of whisky is due to it becoming a widely recognised luxury product comparable to rare cars, watches or even sports memorabilia. The decanters have even been designed by a world-renowned architect and designer Sir David Adjaye OBE. Its purpose is to give the bottle an identifiable design like any piece of fine art.  

With a bottle like Glenlivet 80-year, you claim a part of history. This bottle is likely older than most collectors themselves. For many, the item is a collectable and something to use as a symbol of wealth. Those who look to own the bottle will likely hold onto it and possibly list it again when the price has appreciated enough. 

The price reflects the taste

Additionally, praise from whisky experts making statements like: “I can tell you that somehow they managed to capture pure magic at 80 years of age” and “If you could describe heaven in a glass, it would legitimately be this.” Increase attention and demand for the product.

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