Construction to Start on Transforming The Islay Hotel into Ardbeg House

Ardbeg, the renowned Islay distillery celebrated for its award-winning whiskies, has unveiled its ambitious multi-million-pound project to revitalise a local landmark – The Islay Hotel. 

Owned by luxury conglomerate Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy (LVMH), Ardbeg’s acquisition of the hotel two years ago laid the groundwork for an extraordinary transformation aimed at delivering a world-class whisky and hospitality experience on the captivating island of Islay.

the islay hotel ardbeg

Reopening in May 2025

Scheduled to close its doors towards the end of the year and reopen in May 2025 under the new moniker “Ardbeg House,” the refurbished establishment promises a seamless fusion of luxury and tradition. 

Led by Ardbeg’s Chief Executive, Caspar MacRae, the vision for Ardbeg House encompasses a captivating immersion into the essence of Islay and the storied heritage of Ardbeg.

Amidst the renovation process, Ardbeg will retain hotel staff and temporarily redeploy them to other roles on the island, affirming its role as a pillar of the Islay community.

Local Flavours, Charming Ambience

The metamorphosis of The Islay Hotel into Ardbeg House will be nothing short of spectacular. 

A reimagined bar, christened The Islay Bar, will grace the premises, boasting a charming courtyard ambience. The ground floor will host a revamped restaurant, offering guests a culinary journey infused with local flavours. Furthermore, the bedrooms and suites will undergo upgrades, ensuring a stay steeped in comfort and elegance.

Caspar MacRae articulates the essence of Ardbeg House, stating, “The vision for Ardbeg House is to really immerse guests in the world of Islay and Ardbeg.” This sentiment underscores a commitment to honouring not only the legacy of Ardbeg but also the rich tapestry of Islay’s history, welcoming both locals and visitors alike.

Unique Features

Building upon their prior investment in Glenmorangie House, Ardbeg’s dedication to enhancing the island’s allure shines through. Exclusive spaces within Ardbeg House will cater to hotel residents and members of the Ardbeg committee, offering a sanctuary for indulgence and camaraderie. From a dedicated area for games to a bespoke whisky cave exuding after-hours warmth, Ardbeg House epitomises the epitome of hospitality.

As Mr MacRae emphasises, Ardbeg House aims to capture the hearts of both seasoned Ardbeggians and novices alike. The promise of an unparalleled whisky and hospitality experience underscores Ardbeg’s unwavering commitment to enriching Islay’s cultural tapestry.

The transformation of Ardbeg House is a testament to Ardbeg’s enduring legacy and its commitment to community enrichment. With Russell Sage Studio at the helm of the redesign, the essence of Ardbeg’s character will be seamlessly woven into every facet of the establishment, mirroring the distinctive allure of its acclaimed whiskies.

Exclusive New Whisky

In addition to its opulent offerings, Ardbeg House will unveil an exclusive new whisky, further solidifying its status as a beacon of Islay’s whisky heritage. With over two centuries of distilling expertise, Ardbeg’s dedication to crafting peerless peated whisky remains unwavering, a tradition that will be celebrated within the walls of Ardbeg House.

The exclusive Ardbeg whisky will be revealed closer to the opening of the transformed hotel.

Whisky Tourism on The Rise

The whisky industry is booming. As well as exports reaching record levels over the past two years, whisky companies are seriously investing in whisky tourism. 

This includes the news that Tomatin Distillery investing in a new visitor centre and Port Ellen Distillery reopening with a focus on whisky tourism. Additionally, the World Travel Awards now has an award for the best whisky distillery tour of the year. 

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