One of the world’s most popular single malt scotch whisky producers, The Glenlivet Distillery, has teamed up with a craft brewer to create the world’s first beer cask whisky. They have named this one-of-a-kind product The Glenlivet Reserve Collection: 9-Year Beer Cask Finish Edition. 

the Glenlivet Innis Gunn 9 year old whiksy

Image credit: The Glenlivet

The Glenlivet Distillery Puts the Area on the Map

In the early 19th century, the area of The Glenlivet wasn’t well known around the world, but thanks to George Smith, the founder of The Glenlivet Distillery, this soon changed. George Smith had the vision to put this remote glen on the map, and he certainly did that. 

He started by creating a smooth and balanced single malt. This original malt was loved by royals and criminals alike. He then decided to go one step further and open a distillery in the area, an unpopular decision with locals at the time. Thankfully he proved them wrong; his whisky was so good that people from all around the world purchased it. Since then, the distillery has gone from strength to strength, creating a range of new whiskies that are loved worldwide, including several innovative whiskies.

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Breaking New Boundaries 

Just like George Smith did when he opened the brewery, the team at The Glenlivet has gone on to break new boundaries. They have worked hard to create a range of new products that are different from the norm. 

One such product that The Glenlivet has recently released is the first-ever cask scotch whisky. This product has been released in partnership with Innis & Gunn, a cask beer company. These companies worked together to create a whisky that entered different flavour territories. 

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Matured in Beer Casks

The Glenlivet is the first distillery to use a beer cask to age its whisky. The Innis & Gunn cask they chose had previously been used to mature their Edinburgh Craft Beer brewer’s limited-edition beer, an 11% abv brew known as the Vanishing Point Imperial Stout. 

The Aromatic Notes

Both The Glenlivet Distillery and Innis & Gunn are passionate about innovation and experimenting. This has helped them create a whisky that tastes like no other. 

The new beer cask scotch whisky is said to have notes of:

  • Dark cherry tart
  • Golden syrup biscuits
  • Subtle hints of treacle

Then they give way to a mild flavour of:

  • Tropical fruits
  • Nougat
  • Honeycomb

The whisky producer The Glenlivet believes you can also taste spicy ginger and freshly ground nutmeg on the palate, followed by a subtle fruity flavour from the hops. They state that these flavours help to give the whisky a long-lasting creamy and sweet malty finish. 


Whisky lovers will be pleased to hear that the new beer cask scotch whisky is available on the The Glenlivet website. This means that whisky lovers will have to visit their website to make a purchase. However, in the future, as demand grows, we expect it to become more widely available. It is priced at £95, which is reasonable considering it is the first of its kind. 

The New Release Will Be Like Gold Dust

Creating, evaluating, and producing a new whisky takes many years, so very few new whiskies enter the market. So, as soon as a new innovative whisky is released, whisky collectors do all they can to purchase it. This often leads to short supplies of the product. This means anyone wanting to purchase this one-of-a-kind whisky must act fast before other collectors beat them to it. 

The Glenlivet Brewery may have had a history laced with intrigue and drama, seeing off smugglers and copycats, but its future looks bright thanks to its brand-new beer cask scotch whisky. This product is both innovative and tasty, and it is definitely something whisky lovers should try. 

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