Chivas Brothers introduce a The Last Of Us themed whisky

The Digital Spirits project run by the spirit company Chivas Brothers has welcomed a new creation. Crafted in partnership with the game developers Naughty Dog, the Moth & Wolf is a The Last of Us blended whisky that has been distilled for 9 years.

the last of us whisky

Who produced it?

The scotch whisky was crafted by Kevin Balmforth, the blending manager at Chivas Brothers. As a big fan of the franchise, he gave some of his time to speak on the game and the project. As a fan, Balmforth was excited to be a leading figure on the project and told Digital Spirits that he “played The Last of Us all the way through”. 

He would also comment on how excited he was for “Die-hard fans” to “experience The Last of Us: Part II in a new unique way with a dram of this exciting whisky.”

With The Last of Us: Part 1 dropping at the beginning of this month on September 2nd, the release of the Moth & Wolf special edition whisky is perfect timing.

How can you grab a bottle?

Bottles are limited. However, they won’t be too expensive. Each bottle will sell for a reasonable price of $45. To have the best chance of securing a bottle, you will need to sign up for Digital Spirits’ email correspondence. Subscribing will allow you to purchase a preorder of the bottle from their site once it is available.

Previously they were briefly available on Topshelf Treasures, but they sold out almost as soon as they were made available.  

The taste

For those looking to enjoy the spirit as more than a collector’s item, the blended scotch whisky features high notes of honey, fruit, and vanilla, with a slow, smoky aftertaste.

Achieved by using a blend of malt and grain whiskies, with the delicate grain portion bringing to life the comforts of Jackson, which is an important location in both games. This Jackson influence accounts for the sweetness in each bottle. Then, the slow smoky aftertaste is designed to represent the protagonists Joel and Ellie’s struggles in Seattle.

The ABV is 40%, which should allow less seasoned whisky drinkers to enjoy a whisky that isn’t too strong or overpowering.  

Other video games in the whisky business

It’s important to note that this won’t be the first and it certainly won’t be the last whisky attached to a game franchise. Some honourable mentions include:

  • Resident Evil’s collaboration with Glenfarclas 
  • Borderland’s collaboration with Ballentine  
  • Assassin’s Creed’s collaboration with Tennesse Legend Distillery 

Even outside of the gaming industry, we are seeing some spectacular new spirits being released from unlikely names. Earlier this year we had the chance to cover A$AP Rocky’s new whisky in our article “Why rappers are investing in whisky?

So why are gaming brands invested in whisky?

With whisky being such a stable market to invest in, we can expect savvy brands to branch out into this industry in whatever way they can. Therefore, they can capture a small portion of a growing industry.  

Read our article: How safe is a whisky investment? 

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