World’s First 100% Community-owned Distillery Launches Single Malt Whisky

GlenWyvis Distillery, the world’s first 100% community-owned distillery, has released a single malt scotch whisky.

Established in 2015, beneath the great Ben Wyvis mountain in the Scottish Highlands, GlenWyvis Distillery’s purpose was to unite the Dingwall community.

Ben Wyvis, Dingwall’s last distillery, was closed down in 1926 after just under 300 years of operation; GlenWyvis’ single malt whisky is the first whiskey produced in Dingwall in around 100 years. 

single malt whisky

Now, Glenwyvis Distillery has made its own history, running a record-breaking share offer; over 3,000 individuals invested in GlenWyvis, creating the first 100% community-owned distillery.

Taking inspiration from their beautiful landscape and motivation to preserve it, GlenWyvis pioneers sustainable distilling. Combining renewable hydro, solar, wind and biomass energy to fuel their processes, with aquifer water, local barley, long fermentation and traditional copper pot stills, Glenwyvis creates a uniquely fruity, fragrant and spicy single malt. 

The shareholders of GlenWyvis Distillery, whose investments made the build and development of the distillery possible, have been allocated 3,600 individually numbered bottles of the three-year-old GlenWyvis Highland Single Malt Whisky.

Another 2000 bottles were available to pre-order in October 2020 but sold out almost immediately; 200 bottles will be available in limited Scottish local retailers and on-trade premises.

The grain-forward whisky, highlighting the unique fruitiness of long fermentation, is made from a batch of 18 casks, including 15 first-fill ex-Tennessee whiskeys, two first-fill ex-Moscatel and one refill hogshead. The whisky is non-chill filtered, 50% ABV, with no additional colouring.

The whisky’s nose is floral and light with a twinge of sweetness. The palate brings an essence of rich stone-fruit, brown sugar with an additional finish of vanilla, balanced with ripe orchard fruit.

GlenWyvis’ Distillery Manager, Matthew Farmer, said: “We are so excited to be launching GlenWyvis Distillery’s first whisky. Our journey over the past few years and the creation of GlenWyvis Distillery is thanks to our many shareholders so it is only fitting that they will be among the first to try our whisky.

“The 2018 distillation of 18 casks has produced a delicious whisky. Young whisky brings you so close to the grain- this is the first step, and it is pure GlenWyvis. This first step is part of a long journey for GlenWyvis Distillery, and I can’t wait to see where it takes us.”

David Graham, GlenWyvis’ Board Chairman, added: “Present and past directors will join me in expressing real pride and admiration for the dedicated GlenWyvis team on reaching this significant milestone and producing Dingwall’s first whisky in almost 100 years.”

“Our small team has worked with passion to produce a fantastic product for all our shareholders and customers, and I look forward to raising a dram to each and every one of them and to the future of GlenWyvis Distillery.”

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