Bushmills Irish Whiskey Introduces New Series Of Causeway Collection Releases

Following The Causeway Collection’s successful launch last year, Bushmills Irish Whiskey has announced its new series of exclusive Causeway Collection releases for 2021.

The Causeway collection is made up of rare cask finished Irish single malt whiskeys from The Old Bushmills Distillery, the world’s oldest licensed whiskey distillery.

This year’s collection features several firsts for Bushmills; a 10 year old Cuvéecask finish, a 2011 Sauternes cask finish and a 2008 Jupille cask finish, and one of the oldest expressions to be released from the distillery, a 32 Year Old Portcask.

Bushmills is set to launch its 2021 collection across 8 markets worldwide: UK, Ireland, Canada, Germany, Australia, France, Nordica and the Global Travel Retail channel.

Bushmills’ master distillers have taken inspiration from the Giant’s Causeway for centuries. Located moments from the distillery, the Causeway is an elemental place of geology and legend. Its hexagonal basalt columns have been shaped over the past thousand years, forming an interlocking flight of unique steps. Like the columns, Bushmills Collection is created in mineral-rich water and salt-diffused air.

Bushmills Master Distiller, Colum Egan said: “All the whiskeys used in The Causeway Collection have been expertly created and cared for by craftsmen steeped in a unique whiskey-making tradition passed from generation to generation for more than 400 years here at The Old Bushmills Distillery.”

“The Causeway Collection celebrates our extremely rare and unique cask finishes, our passion for single malts and honours our rich heritage. It’s a privilege to work with such rare liquid,these special cask-finished whiskeys really are our greatest treasures. We were delighted with how the Bushmills Causeway Collection was received globally in 2020, with some even selling out in minutes – and we can’t wait to share this year’s Collection with the world.”

Prices for Bushmills 2021 Causeway Collection range from €55 to €950 RRP. They are all non-chill filtered and references span 9 to 32 years old.

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