Benriach Malting Season: From The Distillery’s Own Malting Floor
Benriach Malting Season is a new and unique single malt scotch whisky produced in Speyside, Scotland. The distillery is one of only seven that still dry their barley within their premises, often on distinctive pagoda-style floors.

At the Benriach, distillers use the historic malting floor for around one month every year. The barley dries there before grinding to extract the malt sugar in the initial stages of whisky making.

Maintaining traditional processes

As company spokesman Stuart Buchanan explained in a recent press release, the time-tested process has passed down through the generations from distiller to distiller. Mr Buchanan pointed out that keeping the malting floor alive was a labour of love, part of the company’s heritage and an example of its creative approach.

For the first time in a century, the Highland distiller has just released an exceptional vintage derived from malt dried only on-site: Benriach Malting Season First Edition. Initially, the worth came from Concerto barley, mashed in November 2012. After distillation, the new make spirit matured in ex-bourbon and fresh oak casks for nine years.

Production of this special edition of single malt scotch involved laying some twenty-three barrels, enough for more than 6,000 bottles. This premium whisky comes at a strength of 48.7 per cent alcohol by volume.

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Exploring flavours

Master blender Rachel Berry described a continuous quest to explore how fruit, barley and oak flavours interact. Additionally, the distillery uses an eclectic range of barrels. The Malting Season benefits from closely-guarded recipes and special blending techniques to accentuate the wholesome and creamy notes from dual cask maturation.

Sales of this new vintage are buoyant. Significantly, the Benriach Distillery Company also owns the Glendronach and Glenglassaugh distilleries, similarly respected for their range of limited editions and single cask releases. The company operates four sites and exports to more than forty countries.

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