How should you celebrate World Whisky Day?

Whisky drinker or not, world whisky day will be coming on the 21st of May. You might find yourself asking, how do I celebrate world whisky day, or can I celebrate? For those who aren’t whisky drinkers, there are many ways you can celebrate whisky day. For those who do here’s what you can try too.

world whisky celebration

For the whisky drinkers

This is what you can do to celebrate if you are a whisky lover and are looking for some ideas that you can do by yourself or with friends.

Try a new whisky at home

The simplest but most intimate way of enjoying world whisky day. By yourself or with friends you can try out a new whisky. Whether it’s buying something dearer in price to try something more expensive or just something completely new, here are some suggestions:

1. Suntory – Yamazaki 12 year 

This Japanese whisky is a pioneer and was one of the first whiskies from this country to break into the UK market and for a good reason. It tastes great and is rather inexpensive for how smooth it is.

2. Balvenie – Doublewood 12 year 

A whisky you will find at many bars across the UK. With the eerily low pricepoint for how amazing it tastes if you are yet to try this whisky, you are truly missing out on something great. For under £50 you get an amazing whisky.

3. Johnnie Walker – Blue Label

Only the best Johnnie Walker casks get to be put in the blue label bottles. It is the most expensive of the labelled range but is definitely worth trying at least once.

4. Eden Mill – Hip Flask

Eden Mill is a great introduction to craft whisky. With these whisky bottles, you get to mix and match a selection from this range as each bottle is only £30.

Bar crawl

With your friends or by yourself if you would prefer, you can go visit pubs in your area or somewhere new. Find 5-6 pubs and get a single whisky recommended by the owner or the bartender. Visit those pubs and spend 20-30 minutes at each venue and we are sure you will have a great time. It gives you a chance to share your love of whisky and possibly meet new friends that share your passion.

Whisky tasting

Just like wine tasting you can go whisky tasting. It’s particularly great for those who want to fine-tune their palette. It also gives you a chance to taste many new and unique whiskies you have never tried before.

For those who don’t drink whisky 

We understand that you might want to celebrate world whisky day even if it isn’t your drink of choice. Whisky is known for its vast amount of history which makes it surprisingly easy to celebrate world whisky day even if you don’t enjoy it.

Whisky cocktails 

It might sound counterintuitive to recommend a whisky cocktail to someone who doesn’t enjoy whisky. However, with a variety of ingredients, you can mask certain profiles in whisky you disagree with. 

1. Lynchburg lemonade

A simple cocktail to make. One shot of whisky, one shot of triple sec and the equivalent of four shots of lemonade. You are left with a refreshing cocktail that balances well with whisky. Not masking its flavours but amplifying the aspects more appealing to a non-whisky drinker. 

2. Irish coffee

Another easy to make cocktail is an Irish coffee. It contains a single shot of whisky poured into coffee with brown sugar and is topped with freshly whipped cream.

3. Whisky sour 

A whisky sour uses the sweetness of whisky to balance with the tartness of the lemon juice. To make it shake together 2 shots of whisky, with 1 and a half shots of lemon juice and one egg white. Dry shake first and then shake again with ice. Strain over a glass of ice and top with either a slice of orange or a maraschino cherry. 

Go to a whisky show or museum 

If you are looking to do something that involves no drinking, then go to a show or museum. You can learn lots about this industry and its rich heritage with whisky distilling being a craft over 1000 years old.

Invest in whisky 

With many looking to improve their investment portfolios, you could celebrate by investing in a continuously growing market.    

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